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301 Fri September 19 2014 - 08:44:28
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: If you want quiet and beautiful scenery, Anne, I can recommend the Parknasilla Hotel in Kerry, not far from Kenmare. It is a grand building overlooking a bay where you can often see seals, and the food and the accommodation are very good. From here you can drive all the way around the Ring of Kerry, which is very picturesque, with some excellent fish and lobster restaurants.

You can fly to Cork and if you want to spend a night or two there before driving to Kerry I can recommend Jury's Hotel in the city centre or (a personal favorite) the Ambassador on Military Hill.

Wherever you decide to go, take a raincoat!

302 Fri September 19 2014 - 08:33:28
Fullname: Anne Howard
Comments: Hi there, not been on for a long time. I've read all 3 Kate Maguire books and I love them, they have even inspired me to come to Eire on holiday next year.

Any suggestions as to where my first foray should be?

I'd like somewhere not too commercialised, a bit of beautiful scenery and some lovely (easy, cos I'm lazy) walks..

I have been told that the more 'south' you go, the prettier it is - I'm happy to bow to superior knowledge though.

303 Thu September 18 2014 - 14:53:25
Fullname: Krystian
Comments: Ha-ha, thanks Graham, you've only increased my will to read all of your works! As for the review of DROUGHT I'd like to add how I liked Martin and his ability for making good decisions. He always knew how to react and did, what was needed to be done to survive. A "captivating novel" indeed!

304 Thu September 18 2014 - 09:46:50
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: A sneaky advance look at the review in Booklist for the US edition of DROUGHT.


DROUGHT. Masterton, Graham (Author), Oct 2014. 288 p. Severn, hardcover, $29.95. (9780727883995).

In San Bernardino, California, Martin Makepeace, a social worker, is concerned when representatives of the municipality tell him that a serious water shortage has led them to implement “rotational hiatuses in service.” This doesn’t sit well with Martin, whose client families are already in a desperate situation due to an ongoing heat wave, but he’s soon distracted by a rather more personal problem: his son is arrested for murder. How that situation impacts Martin’s professional life and, in turn, the lives of the families he’s responsible for is the meat of this latest novel from the prolific Masterton. It’s a story of desperation, of political corruption and violence, and what makes it work so well is that Martin, with a son in jeopardy and a daughter who’s seriously ill, is just as desperate as the people he’s trying to protect. As society around him appears to be dissolving, we wonder how long Martin can maintain his own control before he, too, explodes. Another captivating novel from an author who seems to be able to turn nearly any idea into a compelling story.

305 Thu September 18 2014 - 09:35:23
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Thanks, Steve. Yes, FOREST GHOST was a bit of a tribute to Wiescka. Also to several Polish friends who helped me a great deal after she died, especially Marysia.

Krystian, I am now determined to write so many books that you will never be able to read them all before you kick the bucket!

306 Thu September 18 2014 - 06:19:09

(J.P. Raffarin, french prime minister, during the 2005 referendum campaign for a european constitution)


307 Wed September 17 2014 - 21:24:07
Fullname: Steve O'Hara
Comments: Hi Graham not been on your site for a while but always your huge fan as back as your first book and still my favourite author which is saying something as I do read a lot. Loving Forest Ghost to take me on my journey to Dubai next week Hope your lovely wife had an influence to your book to make it special

308 Wed September 17 2014 - 15:58:37
Fullname: Krystian
Comments: Will do, Ali!. To read all Graham Masterton books is one of the points on my 'bucket list'. I'm currently reading "The Sleepless" (for the second time) and Katie Maguire series will follow!

309 Wed September 17 2014 - 13:50:26
Fullname: Ali
Comments: I remember when I said to all my pals Katie Maguire was one of your best books. So I am glad to see that it is getting read in the way it needed to be. A superb read as was Broken Angels. I have just started Red Light which is good so far. To everyone else Graham has written loads and loads of good stories. Read them all.

310 Tue September 16 2014 - 08:51:29
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: BLOOD MONEY (which is now retitled TAKEN FOR DEAD) should be out in early December, Wendy. I am not sure yet of the publication date fior PLAGUE OF THE MANITOU but I will check. Don't forget that the short sotry collection FIGURES OF FEAR will be out in October. Sorry to keep you waiting so long -- I'm writing as fast as I can!

311 Tue September 16 2014 - 07:34:13
Fullname: Wendy Maxwell
Comments: Hi Graham ... I'm hanging out for Plague Of The Manitou and Blood Money (the next Katie Maguire novel)!! Any newa on publishing dates yet???

312 Sat September 13 2014 - 16:12:45
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Pleased to see that RED LIGHT and BROKEN ANGELS are climbing the Kindle bestseller lists, with WHITE BONES not far behind. Thanks to all who have bought them...they're at a special promotional price at the moment so snap them up while you can!!

313 Fri September 12 2014 - 01:20:00
Fullname: Campbell Milton
Comments: I actually got the paperback of DELIVER US FROM EVIL by Sargeant Sarchie ( NYC), the guy that the movie is based on, same name as the book. The pictures in the book are surreal. Now all I have to do is read it when I get the Movie on Blu Ray. Cool.

Great Books and Stuff, I even got the Special edition of QUEEN Live at the Rainbow, 1974.

Ta Ta

314 Wed September 10 2014 - 13:46:05
Fullname: its me
Comments: Thanks all,

I will try it and let you know the verdict!

315 Wed September 10 2014 - 01:22:39
Fullname: Campbell Milton
Comments: If I recall Correctly, Charnel House was the first Masterton Novel I read. I have wanted a DoorKnocker just like the one at 1551 Pilicartos street ( sp?) ever since I read about Coyote. For a young kid in Tasmania, that was a fun book to read. With all the Amityville books and Hans Holzer stuff coming out, well loads of fun. A film of Charnel House done on a Budget of 85 Mill, my God, I think that would be fabulous !!
Regards, and Thanks again Graham.

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