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301 Thu June 19 2014 - 11:23:25
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: RED LIGHT the new Katie Maguire novel is now available on CD audio from Amazon, read by the brilliant Caroline Lennon (Siobhan Hathaway from The Archers). She is lilting enough to sound Irish but not too twangy and Corky to be baffling.

Meanwhile EMPRESS will be published in Polish on July 18 as IMPERIUM. I will be in Warsaw that weekend so I am hoping to be able to arrange a bookstore signing session.

302 Mon June 16 2014 - 13:14:37
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Many thanks, Leah! But it is readers like you who appreciate and enjoy what I write who make my life so satisfying.

303 Mon June 16 2014 - 10:45:17
Fullname: Leah Solarski
Email: lillusiaemma@gmail.com
Comments: Hello I just wanna say that you are real master. I just love your „Ritual” iread this book like a hundred times...every autumn when the evening comes down, when leafs slowly falling down when wind is no more so delicate as it is in summer...a just have cup of my fauvorite tea and read it again...:) its real Ritual:)
Thhank You that you share Your imagination with us:)

304 Sun June 15 2014 - 13:42:06
Fullname: Ali
Comments: Sorry I met Matt not Mark. I was up late watching Japan lose in the football.

305 Sun June 15 2014 - 13:40:03
Fullname: Ali
Comments: This is my suggestion that you take the three Katie Macguire novels and set them up in a crime fiction section. Put that at the top. I do know that they are horror tinged and it is smart for my wonderful favourite author Graham to change tack.

Mark that is my suggestion.

306 Sun June 15 2014 - 12:35:42
Fullname: Ali
Comments: My copy of The Drought turned up the other day. I just started it. A typical GM start which is just what I wanted. Thanks GM.

307 Fri June 13 2014 - 08:17:27
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Some years ago the horror market collapsed in France which has meant that French publishers have been reluctant to take on my new horror titles. To give them some encouragement, if any French-speaking readers would care to post an appeal to have my new books published in France on this message board, I will pass them on to the publishers, and will be eternally grateful for your support.

308 Wed June 11 2014 - 13:32:33
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: I am quoted in a fascinating forthcoming book The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs by Matthew Levi Stevens:

"Graham Masterton, who had been a trainee newspaper reporter when he first wrote to Burroughs in Tangier in 1964, is eminently qualified to explain “intersection writing” as the initial exchange of letters between the two had revealed just such an intersection:
. . . when I first wrote to him, from a neighbourhood where I lived called Gossops Green, he wrote back to say that he had been reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. Graham Masterton, Gossops Green, Graham Greene. Get it? Because of that, he felt that a writer could follow the clues given to him by his own words, shuffle them and rearrange them and look for any messages that evoked more intense and descriptive feelings – feelings outside the normal reading of a text.
Masterton had already been working on “a scattering of chaotic notes and poems”under the intended title Rules Of Duel. After much discussion and encouragement from Burroughs, it began to take new shape as an example of intersection writing, which he explained:
. . . depended on the writer to look for ways in which to interchange words and phrases to bring out new meanings. You would look for coincidences in names and places. You would look for a way to take half of one sentence and attach it to another, to give a totally different or a more descriptive view of the same event. It was shaking up words like the particles in a kaleidoscope, and creating constantly new patterns."

309 Fri June 06 2014 - 14:32:23
Fullname: amanda bush
Email: amabush@gmail
Comments: Thank you for the reply. I've been 'requesting' your books as kindle editions on Amazon.
Hooray for Bloomsbury :D

310 Fri June 06 2014 - 08:25:39
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Thanks for the jingle, Christophe!

Amanda, more and more of my backlist books are gradually being published as ebooks. I am hoping that by this time next year the complete catalogue will be available online. Most of them are being published by Bloomsbury so it might be worth your checking their lists. Best wishes!

311 Fri June 06 2014 - 04:54:42
Comments: France has welcomed the Queen
The Queen of the tommies
The tommies of D-Day
France will welcome the King
The King of the Devils
The Devils of D-Day

Have a pleasant D-Day, M. Masterton !


312 Thu June 05 2014 - 13:03:25
Fullname: amanda bush
Email: amabush@gmail.com
Comments: Dear Mr Masterton, it's a pleasure to be able to tell you how greatly I have enjoyed your fiction over the years.
I'm glad to see that many of your titles are available as ebooks, but wondered whether there is a chance of your back catalogue also becoming available in this format? I live in Hanoi where it is difficult to obtain books and would dearly like to have (for example) 'Spirit' on my kindle.
Thank you again for all the enjoyment your work has given me.
Very best wishes, Amanda Bush

313 Thu June 05 2014 - 08:53:08
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: I have just finished a 20-minute interview with James Dempsey of the Irish radio station LMFM about my book HOW TO DRIVE YOUR MAN WILD IN BED which was first published in 1975 but banned in the Republic of Ireland on Christmas Eve 1985 for containing information about abortion. It remains banned to this day - one of 274 books and magazines which are censored in Ireland.
Interestingly enough, it was the first non-medical sex book published in Poland after the fall of Communism in 1989 and has been a huge bestseller there ever since -- recently republished as MAGIA SEKSU. Considering that Poland is even more fervently Roman Catholic than Ireland it makes you scratch your head a bit -- especially since the book is so strongly in favour of women's rights in sexual relationships.

314 Thu June 05 2014 - 08:32:02
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Thanks, Mike! It's appreciation like yours that keeps me eternally youthful (that, and all the pretty young Polish girls I meet at horror and fantasy conventions!) Although the Katie Maguire crime novels are something of a depature, it was impossible to live in Cork for so long and not write about it -- especially after going to all the effort of understanding what the hell they were talking about! (I don't suppose they understood me, either)

315 Wed June 04 2014 - 20:54:02
Fullname: mike scholes
Email: mjs_travel@hotmail.co.uk
Comments: Hello graham. Have enjoyed many of your books over the last thirty odd years as am just five years younger than yourself and "discovered" your works in the late seventies! Would like to say I have just finished Red Light and have really enjoyed all three Katie Maguires! Considerable departure in subject matter but they are great. Am even reaching recognition of some Cork colloquialisms!! Thankyou for your most enjoyable writing and long may you continue.

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