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301 Sun December 01 2013 - 10:25:28
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: I feel like I'm schizophreic sometimes, Bruce, but that's just from writing too much. However I did not write Cam Pleasant or Camp Unpleasant or even Camp Mildly Distasteful.

302 Sat November 30 2013 - 22:26:03
Fullname: Bruce Thomas
Comments: HEADS UP......FOREST GHOST is available on www.abe.com from a bookseller in the U.S. Graham, I typed in your name and the keyword FOREST on ABE and it showed a copy of CAMP PLEASANT by you. If you scroll further down the ad it shows MATHESON as the actual author. Are you schizophrenic?????? I'm really into BROKEN ANGELS!!!!!!!

303 Thu November 28 2013 - 14:26:02
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Just to let you know that the December issue of my friend Jeani Rector's great Horror Zine is now online:


304 Thu November 28 2013 - 10:43:36
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: US work permits were granted (and still are) according to a system in which certain countries received preferential consideration. Unfortunately the UK is not one of them, except if you have essential expertise or considerable fame and the US Immigration authorities decided that they did not need another self-employed writer, as successful as I was. I spent hours in New York immigration lawyers' offices sitting next to Puerto Rican auto mechanics who were easily getting green cards, but there you are.

As far as movies are concerned, I tend to agree, although the money is good. I have probably had eight or nine books reach advanced script stage before the plug was pulled, and some of the scripts that producers sent me were stinkers. One of the worst was the script commissioned by Jonathan Mostow (U-571) for TRAUMA. The lack of sensitivity to what the story was all about made me shake my head in disbelief.

The only reason why there isn't a friendly animated snowman in my book SPIRIT is because (a) I didn't want to be accused of plagiarisiing Raymond Briggs; and (b) I didn't think of it. Also I wouldn't have been able to resist having him meet another snowman and say "I say! Do you smell carrots?"

305 Wed November 27 2013 - 18:08:08
Fullname: KR
Comments: Concerning the issue of how so few Masterton novels are made into movies: From a financial standpoint, I can imagine that would be frustrating (although the fact that the movies are not made does not mean the film rights have not been sold to someone, in which case it's not that frutrating).

From an artistic standpoint, it may be for the best. Statistically, most movies are not good. We just remember the good ones. We've seen some great novels turned into absolutely crappy movies ("Bonfire of the Vanities" is a great example).

306 Wed November 27 2013 - 14:49:02
Fullname: KR
Comments: I don't get why you can't get a work permit in the U.S. What are they afraid of? That you are taking work away from American horror writers?

307 Wed November 27 2013 - 13:45:00
Fullname: KR
Comments: I just read that Disney's new movie, "Frozen", is based on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen". I am going to go out on a limb and, without even having seen it, predict that Disney's interpretation and your interpretation in "Spirit" will differ markedly. I don't remember yours having a cute (marketable) snowman for comic relief.

308 Tue November 26 2013 - 16:44:02
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Paul...no sign of a movie of THE DEVILS OF D-DAY on the horizon, I'm afraid...more's the pity.

You can find several of my books on Amazon in audio version, either as downloads or CDs, but AudioGo who produced a few of them has gone out of business as far as I know. I have asked my agent to pudate me on the audio situation asap since I don't know what the hell's going on myself, to be quite honest with you!

309 Tue November 26 2013 - 15:09:25
Fullname: Kevin G
Email: kev.69@hotmail.co.uk
Comments: Thanks Graham - always fancied being a book editor!! Best Wishes to you. Kevin

310 Tue November 26 2013 - 07:24:12
Fullname: Rusty Halverson
Email: rgrhalverson@gmail.com
Comments: Are there any audio versions of the books out there?

311 Tue November 26 2013 - 06:56:00
Fullname: Paul Petrali
Email: mr.paulpetrali@yahoo.com
Comments: Having a beer with a friend yesterday, she mentioned out of the blue that Devils of D-Day would make a fantastic movie, I agreed....again! She never knew I ever read the book or once contacted you about it...so how's progress?

312 Mon November 25 2013 - 23:00:27
Fullname: John Slemp
Email: johnslemp@ymail.com
Comments: Broken Angels at a great price on Kindle $1.44 U S.

313 Mon November 25 2013 - 14:15:00
Fullname: Graham Masterton
Comments: Thanks. Jim. Glad you enjoyed SPIRIT and WELLS OF HELL. We were actually planning on moving to New Milford and put a deposit on a lovely house there, but at the last moment I was unable to get a work permit.

I don't have any trouble sleeping, Derek, and my mind doesn't whirl around...probably because it's empty by the end of the day!

I'll check out those points you made, Kevin. If they are errors, a pretty young editor will be hung by her neck!

314 Mon November 25 2013 - 11:47:25
Fullname: Kevin G
Email: kev.69@hotmail.co.uk
Comments: Hi Graham
I have just finished White Bones and really enjoyed it; now looking forward to Broken Angels.
There were a couple of things in White Bones that I wonder may be errors? On page 146 of the paperback edition, Fiona's parents are 'Mr & Mrs Donald F Kelly' but on page 234, his wife calls him 'Patrick'? Also, on page 146, Katie spoke to the sheriff at 9.25pm but then on page 147, the time seems to have gone backwards as Dermott '..came in with a black ham sandwich...' at 7.50.
Anyway, thanks again and all the best to you!

315 Sun November 24 2013 - 13:08:26
Fullname: Derek Toms
Email: delberto1210@hotmail.co.uk
Comments: Hi Graham,

I've just recently got back into reading your novels after a thirty year break.I first read the Manitou back in 1986 and it was probably my first horror novel that I have read. The genre of horror has always held a fascination for me and has in the last two years allowed me to explore the subject by writing novels myself. The struggle to get published is no longer worth the fight and frustration, so I am content to write for my own amusement and the curiosity of what will emerge from the dark recesses of my mind and transpose into the written word. I struggle to sleep at night when writing...the words come flooding into my head and take control of my mind in endless loops. Do you get writers insomnia?

warmest regards,

Del (very tired and weary)

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